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Seine Ausstrahlung verwendend, bilden die Pflanzen im Laufe der Fotosynthese monossacharidy. Kommen ganz oder aus einigen Teilen, bestand-, sich bildend vor. Von hier aus sein Titel - "die Tasse". Der schneidende Teil ein ledobura erinnert, beim Drehen von sich die Tasse.

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Group X: Mr. Coke?

During the routine dental care, dentists can en- main symptoms and conditions in dental diseases and counter medical emergencies and they must be ready to manage crisis Rubin et al.

Medical emergency. The primary target point was the score familiar with the crisis management and should be pre- at the group clinical session with a standardized scoring pared to respond and effectively manage emergency grid, observation, and video recording.

In the study conditions Bichun et al. In order to ther complicated process because it should involve not address this issue, the new curriculum of included only learning how to tackle the problem a patient has, Simulation course in emergency for the 5th year dentis- but also include critical thinking aspects, such as deci- try students, and they were required to take simulation sion-making and problem-solving skills.

According to course in obligatory; the course gives 2 credits. The try Cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR , anaphy- module included the main crisis situations students laxis, acute coronary syndrome, trauma, and shock.

The situations. This module of simulation course used dif- training was carried out in accordance with the national ferent methods simulation, team-based learning -TBL, protocols for the emergency medical care.

One of the case-based learning -CBL, and near-peer-assisted important criteria for the successful development of learning -NPAL for training crisis management and clinical skills in Dentistry is the assessment and analy- different tools to assess the outcomes at the stages of sis of the results.

All the assessment tools used have learning: pre-test in basic knowledge in emergency is- benefits and limitations, but no method exists that can sues, daily assessment with debriefing, and group clin- fully assess all clinical skills, so different assessment ical exam GCE.

According to Mil- tive feedback. Student competence achievement was con- skills. To as- parallel stations. The task for the station was chosen to sess the effectiveness of the training course, to evaluate be anaphylaxis and it was one of the list of the nine the achievement of professional skills and the final re- skills in emergency which had been mastered by stu- sults it was decided to conduct a comprehensive assess- dents in the simulation course.

In the group clinical ment in the form of a group clinical examination that exam the team consisted of three students - one leader covered the various competences of students clinical and 2 assistants.

The teams were formed randomly skills, communication skills, counseling skills, team- through a computer program, so in one team there were work skills and professional skills.

The purpose of this students from different groups, and some of them even work is develop a simulation course for dental students did not know each other.

The criteria for the This study was descriptive study and used quanti- checklist were developed, reviewed and evaluated by tative and analytical methods.

The objects of the study the faculty. The materials for the study showed both advantages and disadvantages, and was were the results of ongoing monitoring, intermediate used to develop a new e-checklist which had not been control and group clinical examination results, online used in assessment earlier.

The format of the e-check- questionnaire of students, feedback on behalf of exam- list is 9 criteria points for assessing clinical skills, com- iners and standardized patients.

The results were calculated in percentage. The results nificance coefficient in this clinical case.

This is due to the fact that most stu- checklist for assessing clinical skills show how student dents tend to learn only skills' algorithms and pay the mastered the emergency medical care algorithm and 2 least attention to effective communication with the pa- points for assessing communicative competence is one- tient.

In our case, according to the clinical task, the third of the total list of skills. According to the results standardized patient was a standardized relative as a of the GCE it was revealed that the highest average distractor.

So, to improve effec- noted that the diagnostic search for the patient's prob- tive communication skills among students and develop lem, emergency care according to the algorithm and the effective compliance with patients it is necessary to in- preliminary diagnosis were performed by the students crease the number of class hours in clinical scenarios at a fairly good level, which allows to conclude that the with standardized patients.

Patient one of the study tasks. The students' satisfaction after monitoring in crisis and actions after crisis were carried the new format of the clinical exam was rated through out at a middle level.

Proba- participated. Equipment of the exam included com- puter-enhanced mannequin and adjunct equipment. Teamwork helped us to realize all As a positive side of the GCE they noted team working, Based on the results of the group clinical examination, because decision-making in a team allowed each team students identified their strengths and weaknesses in member to be friendlier, try understand strengths and emergency care.

To assess the effectiveness of the sim- weaknesses in short time, to be almost in the clinical ulation course in emergency and to reveal strengths and situation, use the ability to combine teamwork and weaknesses, a comparative analysis of the outcomes demonstrate communication skills.

The results of the Cronbach on a scale of 0 to 1 was measured. In case if exam show that 12 The discrimination index ranges marks.

In this study from 0. It is also important to measure suggests that the students showed not bad competence; the standard error of measurement.

In our case, the however, high final scores might be the result of over- standard deviation of the final score of the discipline is rating on daily basis and during intermediate tests on 2.

Correlation with the final score SD is 3. This parameter represent the correlation coefficient with the final allows to find if students have achieved the required score.

The correlation coefficient is measured from -1 competence with the highest probability. In the study, the highest correlation coefficient level of competence is determined by experts before the of the group clinical examination is 0.

Not all students could demonstrate effective reliability of individual values. Simultaneously it was Conclusion possible to observe the actions of three students, which Introduction of the simulation course in medical shortened the time of the exam.

At the end of the exam, emergency for students of Dentistry is practical taking both students and departments of basic disciplines in consideration the fact the requirements for health could receive the results of the exam, which were pro- professionals have increased.

The training process in cessed automatically, on the same day. Also, the exact medical emergency covers the most common urgent calculation of the exam time, the number of student cy- conditions and crisis that every undergraduate in Den- cles allow to correctly distribute the load at the simula- tistry needs to master.

To assess the effectiveness of tion center. The tasks and e-checklist items assessment methods should be used; this will improve assessed not only the knowledge and skills of students, the quality of the course and learning outcomes.

The but also the teamwork and communication skills. Psychological aspect. Teamwork reduced sions: stress for students.

Three students in the room worked 1. The simulation course in emergency care in together making decision within the clinical case Dentistry curriculum is need.

To develop clinical and communication skills in the same time they tried to demonstrate their own medical emergency it is necessary to increase the dura- knowledge and skills.

Assessment of team reduced the tion of training communicative skills including those of emotional load for the standardized patients and exam- communication with patients.

Group clinical examination using electronic 4. Communication skills. This format of the checklist facilitates data processing, saves time and exam evaluates interpersonal interactions while work- other resources.

To ensure an effective educational process at the healthcare professionals. Students demonstrated com- undergraduate level in Dentistry and improve the relia- munication skills: quickly responded to the clinical sit- bility of the daily assessment and intermediate control uation, applied non-verbal means of communication, the tasks and criteria of e-checklist should be clearly such as touching, used such techniques as inviting to defined at the stage of training.

Conflict of interest 5. Solving problem. Students could demonstrate We decline any conflict of interest for this study.

There is no private or legal responsibility for the patient problem. One of the important points of the examination is fast 1.

Emer- processing the data obtained and timely delivery of the gency care in dentistry. Geotar-Media, Moscow ; results.

Electronic assessment format is effective and Moreover, it allows expense re- paediatric dental patients. International Dental Journal duction and convenience for the examiners when ; — DOI: The 7.

High-fidelity simulation in training Curriculum Framework ; DOI: dental students for medical life-threatening emergency.

Eur J Dent Educ. Prevalence of emer- 8. J Dent Educ Tan GM. A medical crisis management simu- Simulation and curriculum design: a global survey in lation activity for pediatric dental residents and assis- dental education.

Australian Dental Journal ; tants. Journal of Dental Education ; 75 6 62 4 Journal of dental education ;71 3 The most likely cause of these dis- orders is the activation of lipid peroxidation, which is typical for long-day food waste collection.

The delay of neutrophil involvement in the phagocytic process was established with the help of different exposure in the ther- mostat.

The most appropriate way to correct the detected violations is the introduction of antioxidants. Keywords: lipid peroxidation, experimental model of phagocytosis deficiency, indicators of phagocytic ac- tivity of neutrophils.

Proceedigs of materials the international scientific con- 2. The immediate and long-term results of the interventions were analyzed.

Keywords: balloon valvuloplasty, aortic stenosis, newborns. Galoin-Bertail C. J Invasive Cardiol. Heart Lung Circ. Sullivan P. Catheter Cardiovasc Interv.

Hawkins J. Cardiol Young 1. J Thoracic Cardiovasc Surg. Thoracic Cardiovasc Surg. Am J Cardiol. Abdrakhmanov N. Abdrakhmanov NH, doctor.

Shalimov M. The condition of the industrial safety IS has to disturb the management of the hazardous production facilities HPF first of all.

And it is natural, IS - a condition of security of the persons working at OPO from accidents, emergency and possible consequences after them.

Are the reasons of it failure to meet requirements of documents on IS. A striking example is the March situation of in the Kemerovo shopping mall which except life of people, material damage, has caused a lot of indignations from relatives of the dead, the public, oppositional forces of the power.

Representatives of Rostekhnadzor note the increasing relevance of problems of PB in Russia today. According to Rosstat in the Russian Federation annually there are about serious technogenic catastrophes.

PB are area where special rules and requirements which implementation demands integrated, system approach as it contains a wide range of the interconnected problems work.

The PB level directly depends as on technical condition of business assets as safety "bricks", and from qualification of personnel. In article the analysis of the reasons of problems of PB in various branches, conditions of activity of the expert organizations EO is made, need of development and implementation of the new document for the sphere of PB of the Russian Federation "Bases of state policy in the sphere of PB in the Russian Federation", the providing system approach of providing PB on OPO in various branches in the territory of the Russian Federation is proved.

Keywords: industrial safety, system approach, examination of industrial safety, monitoring, nondestructive control, technical condition.

Fedosov, N. Abdrakhmanov, E. Sharafutdinova, K. Gaisina L. Kh, Grogulenko N. Kunelbayev M. Gaysin, V. Repin, M. Fedosov F. The goals and tasks that stand before the energy management department are determined.

The scheme of implementation and functioning of effective energy mon- itoring system in dairy farms is offered. Keywords: baseline, dairy farms, dairy products, energy audit, energy balance, energy efficiency, energy management, energy monitoring, food industry, forecasting, homogenization, milk processing enterprises, pas- teurization.

Alekseev, Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation. Zolotov D. Shurashov A. Gorshkov A. Nikandrov I. Abstract The Contents and property hummock is studding.

Information it is necessary for efforts calculation on worker organ. Keywords: hummock, ice floe, size, density, cleaning, productivity.

Dependence of effi- ciency on road conditions is shown. Zhou Y. Shen S. Synthesis and crystal structure of novel l,2,4. Heterocyclic Chem.

Xie Z. Dawane B. Chappell B. Medio-Simon M. Tanitama A. Action of hydrazines on unsaturated 3-diketones. Jin W. Wang X. Haneda A. Carrino J.

Manacke G. Manecke G. Oxidation by metal oxide IV. Gebert U. Farbwerke Hoechst A. Larina L. New cycloaddition reaction of 1-phenyl4.

Diels-Alder cycloaddition of vinylpyrazoles. Silva V. Bhalero T. Catch J. Halogenated ketones. Pat III. Roedig A. Prins H. Syntheses of polychloro compounds with aluminium chloride.

Druzhinin S. Beltran-Rodil S. Zhou H. Conde J. Taniguchi M. Hua R. Goopen L. Wilson B. Vesper H. Calingaert G.

The redistribution reaction. Soroos H. The redictribution reaction. Basak R. Conley M. Brunei E. Tan W. Fernandez-Perez H. Trofimov B.

G, Belogorlova N. Sicker D. Yang L. Oteroa I. Arbaciauskiene E. Gomez L. Holmwood G.

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